BTNX Inc. provides this statement to promote the awareness of our policy on returns. We take reasonable steps to ensure that the policy is followed within our company.


All returns must be pre-approved. BTNX Inc. will only receive goods sold by the company. All approved returned shipments must include a return authorization number, original order/invoice number along with a packing slip indicating the quantity and lot number of each product in the shipment.

Time duration limits

BTNX Inc. will not approve returns of any product requested 30-days after the date of purchase.

Shipping and handling

The customer will pay for the shipping charges and any relevant duties and or taxes associated with shipping. BTNX Inc. is not responsible for additional costs charged by the delivery party to the customer or loss of the goods during shipping.

Restocking charge

All approved returns will be subject to a 20% restocking charge.


Refunds will only be issued after BTNX Inc. receives and accepts goods, as described above in “Products that can be returned”. If the order for which the goods are returned is paid via credit card, the respective account will be credited for the refunded amount. For orders paid via cheque, money order or invoice, a reimbursement cheque will be issued within 2 weeks of receiving the goods.

Products that can be returned

BTNX Inc. accepts only unused and unopened products as approved returns. Any product that has been removed from its primary packing will not be accepted. Similarly, expired products will also not be accepted as approved returns. On receiving such packages, that include used or opened products, at BTNX Inc. receiving employee will immediately discard such package and inform the customer about the status of the return.

BTNX Inc. reserves the right to refuse the return of any merchandise.

All terms are flexible and subject to change, dependent on an individual case-by-case basis.